What is CoinBundle?

What is CoinBundle?

Coinbundle is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform which aims at trading on distinct cryptocurrencies in order to create the possibility for cryptocurrency traders and prospective customers to trade or deal on different varieties of cryptocurrencies, all in on bundle.

The Coinbundle cryptocurrency trading platform is an avenue with the goal to advance the trade in cryptocurrency by diversifying the cryptocurrencies.

Coinbundle will present to the users and cryptocurrency traders, different bundles of coin to choose from and the users will be able to invest in as many coin as they want.

Coinbundle launched with 3 initial bundles (conservative, aggressive and emerging bundles), and has added additional 3 bundles (Halal, Coinbasic and Top20), which will suit all investors and traders.

This is really a great cryptocurrency trading platform which has a lot to offer in terms of utility to the cryptocurrency traders and customers who are seeking to expand their coasts in cryptocurrency trade, by providing a lot of coins to choose from and also making it possible for the users to trade more than one cryptocurrency at one click.

Benefits of CoinBundle cryptocurrency trading platform

The coinbundle crypto-currency platform is designed with a lot of benefits, such as;

  • Presenting the users with varieties of coins to trade in.
  • Running a secured and efficient framework, with the help of the blockchain technology.
  • Rewarding users with tokens as a result of participating and good behavior.
  • It will diversify cryptocurrency by bringing the different coins together, to give the users a choice.

The CoinBundle Token

The CoinBundle token called the BNDL token is an ERC-20 token designed with great utility on the platform, it is the accepted currency of the coinbundle platform and will be used in running the system.

Also, BNDL token will be used to reward and incite users in the system.

All these things and many more will be benefited from the Coinbundle cryptocurrency trading platform.

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