What's a BNDL & What Can I Use It For?

The Coinbundle Token

BNDL is the official token of Coinbundle and is an ERC-20 token with great utility and importance on the Coinbundle Cryptocurrency Investment platform. The token serves as the recognized and accepted currency in the system. It will help to ensure efficient operations and management of the Coinbundle platform. 

BNDL token offers a great number of benefits, both to the users and the platform. Let’s take a look at few of these benefits.

This is not financial investment advice.
This article explains the uses of BNDL.

BNDL Token Uses

There are several actions and services available in exchange for BNDL and we are developing even more. Here is a list of a few things that you can use BNDL for:

  • Act as a means of encouraging users to perform better and invest more in the platform.
  • Reward users for performing specific tasks on the platform.
  • Token holders can also reward other users with BNDL tokens for performing a task for them.

  • BNDL token grants access to our features or privileges on the platform, such as;
  • First hand access to new bundles which is not a privilege opened to everyone.
  • Ability to suggest or propose new themed bundles like our Top 20 Bundle.
  • Allowed to feature customized bundles based on the number of BNDL in wallet.

BNDL Smart Contract Address

Please do not get our contract address confused or mixed up with another one. There are imposters and scammers and you can avoid most of them just by paying attention to small details like a contract address. If you are a new or young investor, learn how to safeguard yourself from crypto scams before you dive too deeply into blockchain tech investments.

The official smart contract address of CoinBundle:


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The BNDL token has a lot of utility to offer and it reaches well beyond piling up in your wallet. As always, feel free to reach out to our support team with any questions. You can contact them in the Telegram chat or simply have your problem explained with a nice help article. Our support team has spent many long days getting these guides ready for you, so please take a peek and happy investing!

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