How to Withdraw From the CoinBundle App

Quick and Easy Steps on How to Withdraw From Coinbundle App. 

  • From your dashboard, click on your email/user icon at the top right of the page.
    And then click on on Withdrawal Settings.

  • Fill in your bank account information, as it can only be entered once.

  • Scroll down to the recipient address area and fill in your address correctly.
    Double check that your inputs are correct then hit the Submit button.

  • After clicking the Submit button, come back to your dashboard, scroll down to the wallet Deposit / Withdrawal section and click the Withdraw button.

The pop up window below will be displayed:

  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw (Note: Minimum amount is 10USD). Once you are certain of the amount you wish to withdraw, select the Withdraw $ from wallet button.

    You are also able to use the slider. Move it left and right in order to easily change the withdrawal amount. This is a handy mobile-friendly feature for our on-the-go users.

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