How to Buy and Sell on the CoinBundle App Platform

Quick and easy steps on how to buy and sell on the Coinbundle App platform.

Step 1. Login to your account.

Step 2. You will see six(6) variants of bundles with different compositions: conservative 2, aggressive 10, emerging 10, Halal, Coinbasic and Top20.

You can read about each bundle’s composition here.

Step 3. If you are buying, select the bundle of your choice and then scroll down a bit to find the buttons which shows the variant of bundle you selected.

Click on the buy button.

Step 4. In the pop up box, enter the USD amount you want to spend on your purchase. The system will automatically calculate the amount of bundles you will get.

Then click the pay button. (Note: Minimum purchase amount is $5 USD).

And that’s it...

You can now see the increase on your Portfolio Balance, your remaining wallet Balance, BNDL Balance, Bundle amounts and Value.

What if I want to sell?

It's the same procedure if you are selling bundles:

  1. Select the bundle you want to sell according to what you have in your portfolio.
  2. Then hit the sell button.


  3. Enter the amount of bundle that you want to sell. Alternatively, you can use the slider to choose the amount. And the system will automatically calculate the amount of fiat you would receive in USD. The slider is very handy if you are on a cell phone or other mobile device.

  4. Click or tap the sell button… (Note: Minimum Amount of Bundle You Can Sell is 0.1).

And Boom! That’s it. You just sold your bundle.

Our system is so transparent that it shows your transaction history in detail. Always take note and keep good track of it.

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