CoinBundle's Guide to Setting up MyEtherWallet: MEW

If you are new to cryptocurrency, creating a MyEtherWallet may be challenging. This step-by-step guide will help you set up a wallet so you can sign up and verify your account details.


MyEtherWallet is also known as MEW


MEW is probably the most well-known Ethereum wallet. MEW will let you send and receive Ether and ERC20 tokens such as CoinBundle Tokens.


Create A New Wallet

Go to the MEW Website

Enter a unique password that you will remember and then click on the blue button called “Create New Wallet”


Your CoinBundle tokens will be stored here so please take necessary security precautions with your password. Use a combination of capital and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters (!@#$%^&*) to make it harder to hack.


Save Your Keystore File

Now that you have entered your password, you need to save your keystore file.

Download the Keystore file on to your computer by clicking the blue button.


Click “Download Keystore File (UTC / JSON)”


Read the 3 lines of text and follow the advice about saving, not sharing, and backing up your file. It is very important to save your wallet information in a safe place. Once the download is complete, click on the red button


Remember where you save this file.


Click “I understand, Continue.”


Save Your Private Key

The wallet being setup in this guide is unmonitored and empty.


Now your private key is visible in the gray box on this page. This is not your wallet address. You must treat this key in the same manner as you would treat the PIN to your bank card.


Write this down, print it out (blue button), save it to a USB drive, or even take a picture of it. Just keep it safe and backed up. This will help unlock your wallet if your computer breaks down or is lost or stolen. Once you have saved the key, click the grey button.


Click “Save Your Address”


Unlock Your New MEW


Your wallet will need to be unlocked in order to access it, see your address, and conduct transactions. Initially, unlock your wallet with the keystore file you previously downloaded. Select the “Keystore / JSON File” option in the left-hand menu.




To unlock your wallet, select the large grey button.




Browse to the folder in which you saved your keystore file.

Select the file and then click on “Open”


You should see a blue status bar similar to the one below if you have successfully opened your keystore file:



Now your wallet is encrypted and you must enter your secure password in the box provided to decrypt it and use it:


Click the blue “Unlock” button


Woohoo! Now you have successfully created and decrypted you MEW.

Scroll down and you should now see the details of your wallet:



You Now Have an ETH Address!


Your Account Address is located in the top right corner.

This is the ETH wallet address you will copy and paste when sending and receiving tokens.







There are other methods for accessing your MEW in web browsers by utilizing add-ons, and MEW strongly recommends using MetaMask / Mist to unlock and access your wallet in this manner. MetaMask is a browser add-on that will boost the security of your wallet.


Install the MetaMask add-on for Chrome HERE

Chrome MetaMask Add-on

Install the MetaMask add-on for Firefox and Opera HERE


Firefox MetaMask Add-on







After you download MetaMask, click “Connect to MetaMask”

Now you can scroll down and see your wallet details including your address.

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